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Kirkham Pryer are Chartered Building Surveyors based in Cheltenham

Call us today to request your survey 01242 221771

Kirkham Pryer are regularly involved with the refurbishment of all types of property

With our technical knowledge of buildings & construction technology – Kirkham Pryer are well placed to help you with every stage of any type of refurbishment project.

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Measured Surveys

At the start of any project which may involve undertaking structural works to a property, we will normally undertake a full measured survey of the building. We will then create scaled drawings of the existing property, including floor plans & elevations. These then allow us to design 2-3 design proposals for floor layout and any required external alterations including extensions etc. Using up to date systems such as laser measures together with our in house AutoCAD programe allows us to create accurate drawings applicable to any property.

Design proposal

We work closely with you to develop an individual brief, highlighting your requirements including size, use of space, appearance & budget. We will then normally present two/three design proposals, which we believe meet you requirements. Once we have reached a suitable final design (which normally comprises a combination of the various proposals), we will submit any applications for statutory approval, such as  planning applications and building regulations.

Kirkham Pryer have a good working relationship with the different councils making up Cheltenham & the Cotswolds. We are in regular contact with the planning, conservation & building control departments, to ensure the applications are successful as quickly as possible.

We also have the ability to create a 3D interpretation of our proposals, allowing you to gain a better idea of how the final design will look. We find submitting 3D images along with planning applications, allows for a better interpretation

Specifications of works

The agreed scaled drawings are normally accompanied by a detailed bespoke specification, detailing the proposals – the combined documents forming the basis for inviting competitive tender from competent local contractors.

On-Site Monitoring

When requested to administer & oversee the works through to completion, Kirkham Pryer organise regular weekly site meetings involving client & contractor, allowing close monitoring of progress and financial control.