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Kirkham Pryer are Chartered Building Surveyors based in Cheltenham

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Party Walls

Kirkham Pryer can advise on all areas of Party Wall related issues.

Whether you are the Building Owner (undertaking the building work) or the Adjoining owner (neighbouring property) – we can implement the Party Wall act to help the project run as smoothly as possible, whilst retaining a good relationship with all involved.

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Party Walls generally

Considering works to your property that could affect an adjoining property, or are close to a party wall shared in common with your neighbour?

Such works are likely to fall within the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. This places upon you as the property owner (building owner) a number of obligations to satisfy legislation. This includes serving the appropriate notices upon your neighbour and preparing the Award, often in conjunction with another party wall Surveyor.

Kirkham Pryer regularly act as Party Wall Surveyors and from experiance have the expertise to comply with the required legislation whilst guiding the often complex requirement through to completion enabling the works to proceed, often for the benefit of both parties.

The appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor should remove the potential for neighbourly disputes that may arise particularly when boundaries are in question.

Issue of Notices

Before formally issuing Notices, it is always advisable to discuss proposals with your neighbours, as their agreement may eliminate the issue of notices. Notices, where applicable, are normally served two months before works are programmed to commence and have a shelf life of 12 months. It is normally at this stage that parties will decide whether or not to appoint Party Wall Surveyors.

Schedule of condition

Before the works are due to commence, a schedule of condition is prepared applicable to all areas of the neighbouring & adjacent properties which may be affected in someway during the project. This protects both parties as it clearly documents the condition, ensuring any claimfor damage caused to neighbouring properties can be verified. The schedules are normally checked by the opposite Party Wall Surveyor, with any necessary amendments made until both parties are in agreement.

The Award

The Award is the document, defining the proposed works, and how they are to be carried out, addressing implications upon the adjoining property, the current condition of which is recorded by way of a Schedule of Condition. Only upon signing of the Award, may the Party Wall related works begin.