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Kirkham Pryer are Chartered Building Surveyors based in Cheltenham

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Core Services

Whatever your property needs, Kirkham Pryer can help

Kirkham Pryer offer a wide range of services aimed at helping you with your property; whether it be with issues relating to letting and leases – or refurbishment, construction & on-going maintenance.

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Kirkham Pryer offer a comprehensive pre-purchase & acquisition survey & valuation service. Inspections are carried out by experienced Chartered Surveyors. Such surveys offer the assurance that the property you are intending to purchase is to the anticipated standard, free from significant defects and at an appropriate price.

The Building Survey

An in-depth and detailed illustrated report, identifying the existing condition of the building and any defects which could lead to future financial expenditure. The Building Survey is appropriate for larger  or Period properties or those of non-traditional construction – such as timber framed, thatched cottages or barns. The report is comprehensive, considering all elements and defects, prioritising repairs and providing budget repair cost guidance.

The RICS Homebuyer Report (2012 Third Edition)

A concise standardised report, generally for properties of more modern and traditional construction; considering all elements of the building, paying particular attention to those defects likely to affect the value of the property. The latest third edition incorporates condition ratings of each element of the building, providing a consumer friendly assessment of defects as well as expanding upon health & safety issues. The report also includes an RICS valuation of the property, based on the location, size and condition of the property.

All surveys are covered by professional indemnity insurance to a value of £1.5 million pounds, and Kirkham Pryer are members of the Ombudsman: Property scheme, in addition to Regulation by the RICS.

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Architectural Services

At Kirkham Pryer, we offer a full Architectural design service. As a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors, we design with the construction process in mind from the beginning. We are often approached by clients to produce a Specification or Schedule of Works for a design which has been prepared by an Architectural practice.

Our drawings are structured in such a way, they can be used from the planning process, to tendering, submitted for building regulation applications and also used as working drawings by the nominated contractor. This minimises the requirement for many drawings, which also has a direct impact on the time required for design as well as cost.



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For the Landlord

Kirkham Pryer offer various services, all aimed to protect your property, helping to ensure your property is returned to the landlord in an appropriate condition. Towards the end of the lease, we can undertake an inspection and prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations. This lists the outstanding repairs which, in accordance with the lease, require to be completed by the tenant before handing back the property. Our Schedules include estimated costs for each item raised, which help to generate an overall cost for reinstating the building to its previous condition. This estimated cost is used as a basis for negotiations between the outgoing tenant and you the landlord, to achieve a suitable financial settlement or enforcement of tenant works. Call us to discuss options if your tenant’s lease is coming to an end or a break clause is being exercised.

For the Tenant

We can offer advice regarding your responsibilities to maintain the upkeep of the property applicable to the lease. Kirkham Pryer often provide Schedule of Condition Reports, which document the condition of the property prior to occupancy, and should be referenced in the lease, thereby offering the tenant security that end of lease liabilities have been limited. At lease end, we act for tenants to assess landlord’s dilapidations claims and negotiate an equitable settlement or ensure that suitable works are carried out. Call us to discuss your options if your lease is coming to an end.

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Expert Witness

Having had many years of experience in the building industry, organising and supervising works of alteration, extension and refurbishment; it is not suprising that Kirkham Pryer receive many enquiries from prospective clients to act as Expert Witness regarding building and other property related disputes. This often relates to poor standards of workmanship, overcharging or non-performance of contractors. Professional negligence claims in respect of poor, inadequate & inaccurate reports.

Kirkham Pryer’s knowledge and expertise enables an objective and technically accurate appraisal of any disputes, with detailed analysis and reporting, suitable for Solicitors to pursue when appropriate.

In compliance with standards imposed on expert witnesses, all reports are in accordance with current Practice Statement 3rd Edition, Civil Procedure Rules and Protocols.

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Party Walls

Considering works to your property that could affect an adjoining property, or be close to a party wall shared in common with your neighbour?

Such works are likely to fall within the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This places upon you as the property owner (building owner) a number of obligations to satisfy legislation. This includes serving the appropriate notices upon your neighbour and preparing the Award, often with another Party Wall Surveyor.

Kirkham Pryer regularly act as Party Wall Surveyors and from the experience have the expertise to comply with the required legislation whilst guiding the often complex requirement through to completionenabling the works to proceed, often at the benefit of both parties.

The appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor should remove the potential for neighbourly disputes that may arise, particularly when boundaries are in question.

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Kirkham Pryer are regularly involved in refurbishment projects to all types of buildings, making up Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. We are able to offer assistance on everything from ongoing maintenance of properties, to the full refurbishment of large residential and commercial properties. We can carry out a programmed condition schedule, often undertaken on commercial properties, or blocks of communal flats.

These schedules not only lists defects current and anticipated, but prioritises the need for repair on an urgent, year 1 and year 5 periods. It also highlights the more desirable works that could be appropriate, together with anticipated costings for such works.

Over the years, Kirkham Pryer have also been involved with many of the listed buildings which make up the surrounding area. We have built up a good working relationship with the local planning and conservation departments, who play a key role in the careful restoration and refurbishment process on these properties.

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Planned Maintenance Schedules

Buildings of all sizes require a programmed approach to maintain, in contrast to ad hoc repairs, actionable only after a defect becomes a problem.

Kirkham Pryer are regularly involved in preparing detailed programmed maintenance schedules of buildings – often period properties in multiple occupation – where there is a genuine desire to maintain and preserve condition as well as minimising costs of repair, which if left unattended can be considerable.

Programmed maintenance schedules not only list defects current and anticipated, but prioritise the need for repair on an urgent, year 1 and year 5 periods as well as including the more desirable works that could be appropriate.

The schedule costs the defects, enabling accurate future budgeting, the defects are illustrated by digital photography.